Let’s indulge in a hasty look at inbound marketing techniques A La Charlie Sheen that create more successful accounting websites.

An ill-advised look can transmit the wrong idea to potential clients desiring trustworthy financial advice.

Accounting firms are just like any businesses in that they must entice new customers as well as retain old ones. The optimal way to pull in a new client, or continue serving an old one, is to have a fresh-looking, content-rich website that’s responsive to client needs (not just your comfort zone).

Professional firms must walk the line in their marketing. They cannot be overly flashy, but they can’t be dull either. If you’re providing valuable content to your clients with online articles and targeted emails, you will attract clients. And you will keep them because they appreciate your responsible guidance.

Accountants with the savviest online presences constantly update their sites with breaking information. For example, tax and regulatory changes that affect their clientele. Show that you’re looking towards the future. Or as Charlie Sheen says, “I’m more interested in what I can do next than what I did last.”

Don’t be coy about sharing tips that can save tax money and expenses. Other firms will pale beside your confidence.

Your CPA website should be full of up-to-date techniques to assist clients. An advanced trick that readers are coming to expect is an online calculator below each tip so that they can explore financial benefits based on your advice.

To be dignified is not to be cowardly, but to show your strength as a smart defender of your client. “You’re either in my corner, or you’re with the trolls,” said Charlie Sheen. Show clients you’re in their corner, and you’ll get their loyalty in return.

Effective CPA websites should be personable and very open to communication. Having the email addresses of all the specialists in your firm clearly printed will encourage contact and build trust.

Offering free consultations to your new clients is a wonderful way to start a relationship. Your client will know that you will be an ally who has the client’s best interests at heart.

Have you considered a blog? It can build community among your consumer base and demonstrate your knowledge in a very positive way.

The best part of using an inbound marketing approach through CPA websites is that such marketing is not only more economical than traditional public advertising, but it’s also more effective.

You’ll build credibility and loyalty by drawing people interested in financial services to you, instead of shooting ads blindly to the masses.

Traditional marketing, which many times relies on hard-sell, often causes your potential clients to rebel. But inbound marketing, involving communication only with individuals who find your CPA website due to their own effort, takes only a gentle promise that the person has identified the most well-regarded accountants in town, who rightly may assert, “I try to be known more for my work than for anything else.” (Charlie Sheen).

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