What had been creative beautiful necklaces hanging around the necks of our own generations old ancestors and forefathers as they proceed with their daily routines in the past are now commonly polyester cords that hold plastic-type I.D. cards in different companies and schools. These ID-holding cords, actually called lanyards, is usually just as multicolored and beautifully designed as the ornaments of past.

Aesthetically designed ID holder cords have the capacity to add color in usually plain and semi-dull looking school and company apparel. A customized lanyard whose one-of-kind design and colour mixture is distinctively picked by you as a marketing executive or employer – one that is definitely synchronised with your logo or school emblem can truly make a difference. When fashion and function are creatively fused together, the result would likely influence your proficiency and productivity, even in an indirect manner. Such subliminal effect can be tapped by a well-meaning firm for business purposes through the innovative pattern, production and distribution of promotional products in the form of lanyards.

Of the numerous forms of promotional items produced and dispersed for commercial and marketing functions, the wearable items are the most popular. Around 30% of company logos and brand names are printed or embroidered on wearable things like promotional caps, t-shirts and jackets as compared to non-garment materials like ball pens, coffee mugs, bags and mouse pads.

One reason, perhaps, for the popularity of wearable garments as compared to the other items, when it comes to advertising articles, is that the items you use on your body create higher visibility and far better communication of the advertisement information. This facilitates an even more sensible and exciting profile out there, and one that may bring in better attention and, with it, the interest of the shopping people.

Once your brand and logo are visibly printed on the aptly made cords of your company’s ID holders, they carry with them subliminal brand advertising power. This kind of promotional strategy of having a visible and felt presence impacts the minds of people who see them beyond merely functioning as identification card holders.

Advertising lanyards also make great items to your employees and student friends. Distributing your promotional products more widely and extensively better fulfills their advertising function. The more individuals who see your brand insignia in your friends’ offices and schools, the larger and more powerful may be the commercial effect of your own promotional gifts.

The wonderful point about this type of generous giving of promotional products is you inevitably enjoy the benefits of a practical, inexpensive yet highly effective brand advertising.

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