An Internet Marketing strategy simply isn’t complete, without some form of article marketing incorporated within it. This is because article marketing provides a great amount of optimizing search engine ranking benefits.

It is the process of writing numerous articles that have different variations, and then publishing the articles all over the internet either through Article Submission sites or through the thousands of Article Directories.

Article Marketing is not perceived as one of the flashy or glamorous marketing tools, so you don’t see many marketers talk about it these days, which is a shame because article marketing is still one of the best ways to increase the awareness of your business and to make more money online.

Generating a massive influx of online traffic to your website is the fundamental benefit that article marketing provides. This is done by somebody reading your article, liking what you have written and then clicking on your link to get more information.

What gives your business a page 1 ranking on search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo? The answer is fresh and relative content. Constantly updating the content on you site, and staying ahead of your competitors is the “gamechanger” when it comes to getting noticed by search engines. This is automatically done for you, if you are regularly creating articles and publishing them via your website, as this updates your sites content automatically. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that the amount of traffic that your website will receive will be noticeably different if your are ranked on page 1 of a search engine.

Why is this?

The fundamental job of the search engines is to deliver the most relevant content to its viewers, and the search engines rank you on your reliability of content. However, it is not a good creating loads and loads of content that is of poor quality. The key is to produce high quality content that is unique, original and helps people, maintaining this level of quality is vital.

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