My review of the IM Advantage Webinar by John Thornhill, as I am listening to a replay of the IM webinar which was shown on the 29th November 2012, John has started out by introducing himself “who he is” and the failures that he durate when he started his online in 1999. He talked about the failures after failures he had to go thru and trial and errors, trying different things. working out things that work and things that didnot work.

He give reasons why he failed. how he push myself to find the correct way to get his online business up and running. he lists the reasons why people have not built up an online business. He lists his excuses for example “not enough time to get things done” or “jumping from product to product or “having a chip on your shoulder” etc. He gives the “how to change your mind” or “mindset” in thinking correctly. Upon listening to John , my own experiences and fears come to light.

Check out this John Thornhill Webinar

Currently John has over 160 000 thousand subscribers in his list. Making over $5 million.

John introduces his success, give a 3 Steps to Success – includes creating an online presence. How to create a product , using the social media of facebook , twitter , forums – where you find people crying out for help. On how and methods to use to drive traffic to your product.

This webinar is great for any newbie to advanced internet marketer who has ambition at wanting to start his own online business. It will not give you a step by step instruction list to follow to start earn any money but more importantly, the mind set, that is having the right thoughts, to have an understanding of the problems that one will go thru. I can relate to the problems or excuses that John is talking about and I am still trying my niche or my way around my online business.

There are alot of doubts and unknowns for anyone or everyone starting an online business.

Just check out this webinar lasting about 90 mins

Check out this John Thornhill Webinar

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