Microsoft SharePoint is a web based collection of sites installed on a Windows server letting the user input, download, track, and retrieve information interactively. This is the short answer to the question: What is Microsoft SharePoint?

However, it is actually hard to define what it is for this simple reason: it’s so many things. This is why here are several answers to the questions with the things it can do.

1. Microsoft SharePoint is a CRM Solution.

With the program, you can make a full list of all your suppliers and customers. The list is not just a mere list but an interactive database able to store data on:

o the size and type of your company,
o all the key contacts in each company you’re doing business with,
o main logistical data, and
o information on billing.

With SharePoint, you can make a complete list of your or your clients’ orders. The computer-based order sheets can include:

o full list of all specifications. They can be synced to separate pages which has the details of your products, client order history, etc.
o full details on client replies, dates, and times, etc.
Ownership of jobs can be passed from one individual to another as order progress.

For example, a sales persona takes an order from a customer, the task can be passed on to the admin for approval, to the products department for processing, and finally back to the sales person to make customer care call.

2. Microsoft SharePoint is a personal organiser.

The system of this program allows you to set up accounts an account for yourself, for each of your workers and staff members, and your clients and even your suppliers.
The account you own can contain a list of all the things assigned to you, an online file for Word, Excel, and other Office documents, a personalized view of your appointments and calendar which can be connected to Outlook, and an access to the company calendar which is shared to everybody in your company.

3. Microsoft SharePoint is an interactive website.

This program lets you do HTML editing and it can support many types of web technologies. A business website hosted on Sharepoint can give users the ability to log on individually and access certain areas.

4. Microsoft SharePoint is a document resource.

It lets you store numerous things including: ethical policies, annual leave request forms, company handbooks, fire safety regulations, etc.
It allows you to upload Excel documents, Word documents, e-mails, PDFs, and any other kinds of business documentation.

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