Many times, when talking about working on your Niche, it is not a good idea to think of it in isolated terms.

Every industry has them. The people who inspire trends. The people on the top of the heap. You know who these people are.

You probably want to have this status too. Right now, however, you are stuck at the bottom with all of the other newbies. Making a name for yourself is a common goal and most of you are probably getting in each others’ ways as you work on it. The bad news is that as you keep fighting it out with each other, you are going to be wasting a lot of time that would be much better spent working on becoming a big wig yourself. So how do you get the attention of people at the top of the heap to notice you, know who you are and help you reach the goals you want to reach?

Work with only a couple of the “hot shots” in your market. Trail them. Get to know these people tangentially. Subsequently, when you encounter something you believe might be interesting to them, you can pass it on. It doesn’t have to be an original by you. As a matter of fact, it’s better if you didn’t make it. Actually, it’s best if it something of value and helpful which you found. They’ll keep in mind that you were willing to put in some effort into helping them. They’ll be even more grateful if you aren’t marketing yourself but really trying to give them a hand. The experts in your field should always be listened to. Are they struggling with an issue you can help with? Do you have the answer to a question of theirs? Be willing to give them the help they need. You can send a tweet, an email, call them up or any other approach to get in touch with them. All you have to do is tell them you are available to assist them because you know what they’re going through and can help them out. After, let them make the next move. Don’t be too insistent. Accepting or rejecting your offer is up to them to decide. There’s a good chance you’ll be joining the inner sanctum before you know it, if they decide to work with you.

I do hope what you’ve learned so far concerning working with a niche, likewise also the info to do with Internet business, is of assistance for you. Now read on a bit more to obtain supplemental info regarding this subject matter.

Write about their events at no charge. It’s not hard to achieve. You are probably unofficially stalking a few “big wigs” already-going to their events, reading their sites, etc. Write something about them and publish it in a local magazine or on your own blog. An article written on an event that wasn’t commissioned is a great way to be supportive as well as to gain the attention you need. It’s also a great way to prove to your audience you want to assist them in finding interesting people to follow, which will be beneficial.

There is a lot that you can try when you want to earn admittance into the inner circle of “big wigs” and front runners in your market. This article has talked about just a couple of them. As you work and learn you are going to think up all sorts of great and genuine methods of letting your inner circle know exactly who you are.

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