Oftentimes, when talking about Google penguin updates, it is not a good idea to think of it in isolated terms.

Once again the web is a-flutter with drama surrounding the a Google update; this time it’s called Penguin. If you aren’t yet well versed in SEO or in doing business on the Internet, what is important is that you figure out exactly what issues you’re facing–or if you have any issues at all. Obviously, the most significant factor is going to be whether or not your website is going to be affected within the engine’s rankings. The effects of the Penguin updates are still being experienced because, at the time of this article’s writing, they are still recent. It’s normal to be penalized if, for example, you are over using a highly valued anchor text. You can fix this by using newer and more up to date anchor texts and diluting your backlinks with them.

Google builds site link profiles for every website; it is important for you to understand this. In addition to other things, Google keeps information like when your page was made and where your link resides. Not just that but things like page updates, reciprocity and how many links exist on every page (which is quite important) are tracked as well. Your site link profile is going to also have information on if the links are for images or through text and the location of those links. Now, with the Penguin update, Google has found a way to tell whether or not you have paid-for backlinks as well. All of this is important because you need to know what Google knows about you. It’s vital to know what sort of intelligence information Google has put together about you. Internal linking is and always has been incredibly important so make sure that you understand how to properly optimize your website for it. It’s possible to have frameworks already in place here but now that there is the Penguin update, what you link to is just as important as the links themselves. If all of your pages are good and have great content on them, you’ll be fine. Content, however, is no longer all that matters–you have lots of other things to think about. Over-optimization is another buzz word after Penguin and will continue to be so. Of course, only Google actually knows precisely what constitutes too much on page SEO. Pretty much all you can do is read about it on very reputable websites and then do your best to make a good call.

We do hope that what you have read in this blog post with reference to Google penguin issues, plus additionally the details about web business, is useful to you personally. Please do continue reading additionally to receive further details regarding these topics.

As you think about search marketing, just about the most interesting thing to think about is a person’s behavior while reading a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). This is a tip that can be both beneficial and detrimental so take some time to really think about it. When looking over SERPs, one thing is constant–people like the results with numbers in them. What they do is simply click on just about anything that contains those characters. This is actually an old idea; copywriting has proven that activity is much higher on pages that have number containing headlines. You don’t have to work all that hard to get this to work in your favor–but remember that the clicks you do get won’t be as targeted as you might like.

Making sure your site meets the requirements set forth by the Penguin updates is about triaging your site. To do this you first need to address those issues that are causing you the most damage. Don’t forget to take a closer look at those things that affect the processes you’ve got running. Make sure you look into your foundation problems before you do anything else. The reason for that is they tend to affect everything on up the chain.

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