I never thought that my somehow love for writing about my misadventures and my travels would lead me to have a life where I don’t have to wear a tie to work. Sure, I still have a desk but it is NOT overlooking a lake, nor a beach or any excotic location in the world , but I can still dream that it is.


I have been there, the smoggy, gloomy life in the city. I was actually a city kid. So I thought that was where I would probably live all of my life. I had finished my high school and starting working so I thought the high rise buildings would be my prison and provider for the rest of my days. It was not until I got into ranting on an online journal that I realized that I actually had a somehow talent for making the humdrum parts of my life into something that people would hopefully actually read.


That is how I got started in blogging.


As most of you know, nowadays there are more in store here than reading someone’s personal thoughts about just about anything that they could think of. I still keep my original life which is nothing special just an original guy trying to survive the internet life, if you can call it that – surviving but I have made more specific ones on affiliate sites that trying to mentor other people in specific trades like home based businesses or online businesses. More often than not, people are interested on how they are going to make easy online money.


The first thing that I tell these people is that they should have something unique to sell, something that people need to buy. Otherwise, they would loose to the bigger, more marketable ones that have gotten ahead of them. If they really do have a unique selling point that is a cut above the rest and they can provide their services or sell their products in a lower price, then perhaps they still have a chance. But that would require them the one thing that can make or break your venture to make money online.


And what would that be? Why, connections of course.


Fortunately, there are those who sell referrals or possible associates on this kind of things, they can be presence or content providers. But do be careful as to not be fooled by those that tell you they would let the whole internet community know about you. Spamming is not an acceptable marketing strategy.


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As for me, when I found out that I could actually earn money by placing ads on my blog as well as joining pay to search, pay to click and pay to join sites, then I went for it. In the beginning I just went to those sites to prove that they are not scams. As I unearth more and more profitable and legitimate online money making ideas, I became a more active member in those sites, often time using one site that provides traffic to direct them on my blog and thus placing readers on the right page that would show them links to advertisements that would of course pay me per exposure or click.


This takes a lot of effort if you are still starting out. But if you know that right people to tap and to help, then you might just be able to live of the checks that come every month from several bosses.


David Jackson has been an affiliate marketer for 8 years. Essential information and powerful tools that will grow your Affiliate Marketing Information can be Found Here


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