David Jackson here, it is a sad late night, where I am trying to organise my time, in trying to write something about my (October 11, 2016) purchase, of Michael Cheney’s “Commission Cartel” (The Cartel), the initial price costing just $9.95, it is, to my surprise full of some very nice little tricks and tips , such as a free product that I am currently using but didnot know that it could be used beyond what I was using it for in my affiliate marketing activities.

For example, it is “Jing” in “The Cartel” Michael shows how to use Jing as a video and to set up the “Jing” to produce a video to show total proof that I have brought and am using the product. Michael advises that all affiliates who are interested in selling any product, must buy it, to test it out, giving a review, telling both good and bad points. The tip in using Jing to produce a video was acted upon, and the video was sent to my list, NOT very good but here is my very short Jing’s video on the inside of “The Cartel”.

Michael explains, “How to Find Hidden Gold in JVZoo” as he, goes in some detail how to pick the best and most profitable products in JVZoo, how to find the best sellers, what to look for, how to read and understand – what EPC means, to look for products with a low Refunds Rate and how to minimise your refund rate,

Michael give information on how make sales and how to get people to purchase from you, he explains what is the “5-phase sales approach” and on how to get people to make a purchase – this is great information. Michael also explains what “Fear and Loss” means ….

My purchase of the “Commission Cartel” has only been $9.95, the “upfront end” product only. The other 2 OTO products, I was unable and unwill to buy further, if you want to see more information on the OTOs see Michael Cheney Review Video Here (and Bonuses).

Finally in my review there is an “Live Commission Cartel Orientation Call” on the 18th October 2016, (counting down as of now with less than 18 hours left before the Launch is ended) and there will be no recording made. Quoted from Commission Cartel –

“This Live Call contains critical info not covered in this training, including the ONLY WAY left for the little guy to get rich online, a unique strategy on how to make $1000 commissions a day, and how to get tons of free prospects you can put your affiliate offers in front of.”

So there you have it, my short review of “Commission Cartel” Oh and in passing just to let you know that I have brought other Michael Cheney’s products, like all of them they are very good to excellent, Thank You Very Much for reading my review.

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