You’ve decided to make money online and your tool is your blog. But what is your method of making money online then? The best we can suggest is affiliate marketing an Online Home Business. It’s not as easy as you think. Affiliate blogging is not merely posting links as advertorials. There must be real potential on affiliate marketing in your blog. The information you write there must be credible and if you do it well, you will even have an influence on the readers of your site.

Blogs are a social medium therefore the audience is the people who read it. This is a community. You as an affiliate blogger have an influence on the community. You need to have good reputation because there are ethics in affiliate blogging which are rooted in affiliate marketing that you have to learn.


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You as an affiliate marketer depend on your influence in affiliate marketing. Your reputation is very important. As part of the community, there must be trust with those who read what you write. Whenever you are affiliated to a product or service, you must be honest about your blogging on these because your readers will trust your judgment.

However, this does not give you power of abusing the trust they have bestowed of you. Do not compromise what they have given you. Without their fate on what you blog and whichever website you are affiliated to, you wouldn’t make money online. They are very important to you too just as your words are important for them.


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But the next question on ethics of affiliate blogging is how do you promote a product on your blog in an ethical manner? The answer is simple, really. You just have to promote the product. That’s why you should be affiliated with products and services that you yourself will buy and use. You must capitalize on these products in the best way possible. By blogging about these, you get the attention of the readers. It is easier for you to encourage them to buy the product and render these services because you yourself have good things to say about it.

Another ethical method in affiliate blogging that you can do in order for you to make money online is to utilize product placement. It is not just content that would matter. You can be affiliated with companies, then ask for their logo, or their products. You can place these in your blog. If a visitor checks out your blog and realizes that he or she is in need of the links that you placed on your side, you will eventually generate the word of mouth. If so, then you have done your job.


Lastly, you have to be straight forward. Off the bat, you have to let your readers know that you are affiliated with these products and services. Your readers have their own judgment and they will find your honesty inviting. Some may even sign up to your affiliates simply because they see it fit to be part of a company that is so honest.

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