If there is one thing in the online community that is worth having today, these are blogs. Blogs are one of the best things that one could have today. One may write out his thoughts using his blog and publish them online. If you thrive on photography, you may share your photos in your blogs as well. If making videos is your thing, then you can come up with a video blog which everyone can see. Blogs are meant for self expression, and lately, one of the best things that one could do is to make money from blog.

With the advent of different forms of online businesses that one could dabble in, what is so new about earning cash through your blog? This can be quite a good way to earn some extra cash nowadays. All you need to do is to find out ways on how to make money from blog, and make your online journal your own business.

The first way to make money from blog is through paid advertisements. Nowadays, more and more merchants know what is it like to have your own niche in the online world, which is why they come up with their own sites, with a corresponding advertisement in tow. The advertisements that online merchants come up with exist in the form of various widgets that you may put up in your blogs. Now you wonder—how in the world would you be able to make money from blog in this manner? These advertisements work in an affiliate system—once that the readers of your blog click, sign up, or purchase something from the merchant’s website, then you would be given a commission.


Some companies also hire writers to write blog contents, and in return, these writers get paid for what they write. You have to find out several companies which hire bloggers to publish relevant content in their sites. This can be easily done by just surfing the web for reliable companies. These companies will just require you to put some search optimization (SEO) skills to work. All you need to do is write relevant content for a specific company, making sure that you include the amount of keywords that they ask for.

Another way to make money from blog is through selling some digital products such as e-books or audio courses. Some companies will pay you with a considerable amount of money when you advertise their products for them, and all you have to do is to write good blog contents.

Asking for donations is another way to make money from blog. This is good if you are engaging yourself in some fund raising activities, since most of the readers will be very much willing to give you a considerable amount of donation for a cause.

These are just some of the ways to earn money from blogs. Just make sure that the sites you sign up for are reliable, or else risk losing your money rather than making some.



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