• I usually see a lot of ads in my blog, mainly because my account is for a free membership. Those who usually buy their blog accounts don’t have ads displayed in their pages anymore, giving it a clean and professional look.

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• Ads are one of the most effective ways for online companies and online home businesses to earn money. They would usually place their ads in websites where there are a lot of people that work actively such as blogs and social networking websites. For instance, I’m a member of Facebook and each time I log in, I see ads on top and side of the screen.

• The ads in your blog, in the case of my account in Hubpages, are more or less similar to the topics being tackled by your blog entries. I wrote once a blog entry on cleaning my room and when I looked at the Google ads found on the side, they are also about Online Business and Online Home Business products being sold online.

• If you really want to keep your blog clean, clear of ads, and professional-looking, then I would suggest buying the premium version of your account. That way, your blog will be free of ads, you’ll be able to avail of the better features of your blog hosting site, and more and more visitors and readers will be drawn to the new look of your blog.


• If you want to promote a product of your own or a service, you can also place ads in your own blog.

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