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Online Home Business Building an Optin List | David Jackson's Biz Online Home Business Building an Optin List

Different Types of Opt-in Lists

Internet marketers agree that one of the roads leading to a successful mailing company that can make any online home business thrive and grow is creating your very own mailing list. You can find several lists of email addresses being sold right here on the Internet. While buying these lists instead of building your own from scratch sounds tempting, you can be sure that these lists mostly contain old, fake, and invalid email addresses. Moreover, the valid email addresses you can get from these lists may belong to people who have not given their express consent to your sending them emails, and you’d end up violating some law. If you want to attain success in emailing as a marketing strategy, your best bet is to create your own list with valid email addresses of people who have the initial interest in the product or service you are offering.


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An opt-in list is one of the most straightforward and hassle-free (on both parties – sender and recipient) of all possible mailing lists. This is primarily because an opt-in list allows users to take some action in order to subscribe, thus empowering them to take part in the process instead of annoyingly surprising them with automated emailing systems that can be bought online. Normally, an opt-in list involves filling out an Internet-based sign-up form. Internet marketers all around the world that a mailing list composed of email addresses of people who actively consent to being added and in fact are the ones who added their email addresses on the list is more responsive and less likely to be receive complaints and be sued than a mailing list composed of email addresses of people who passively allowed themselves to be added without a choice. Of course, like any other mailing lists out there, an opt-in list also has its disadvantage. The downside to this type of mailing list is that third parties can add other email addresses to the lists without your immediate knowledge or consent.


One modified form of the opt-in list is the confirmed opt-in list, which may also be a double opt-in list. As its name suggests, this type of mailing list confirms via email your subscriber’s subscription as soon as his name is added to your contact list. What’s great about this type of mailing list is that it gives the subscriber the option to subscribe or unsubscribe right away by replying to the email or clicking on a link included in the email. The subscriber can benefit from this by ridding his inbox of email he is no longer interested in, and you can benefit from this by coming off as an honest businessman who cares about his customer’s preferences. A customer’s trust and confidence can be easily gained if you provide him with options that show him the two sides of the story. In this case, he can continue subscribing (you should tell him why by including fun updates, promos, and incentives) or he can unsubscribe.


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