Is there a demand for affiliate marketers today? Yes, definitely. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way to making money in the internet. Statistics in fact show that this is a sunshine industry in the online community even amidst global recession. Some have opted to make affiliate marketing online as their sole source of income while others consider it as a part-time thing earning them some extra money.

This industry has truly come a long way. It has undergone some changes over the past years because of the developments in technology. However, it did no bring about the decline for other more expensive forms of online advertising. Affiliate marketing just became a complementary tool. Its success comes from its cost effective pay-for performance model

Today it is responsible for approximately 25% of internet-based sales of some of the globe’s most well-known brands. Many companies are now looking for both “full-timers” and “part-timers” to market their products. They have seen the opportunity in online affiliate programs to help reach more consumers and it is through building productive and profitable relationships with affiliate marketers from across the globe that companies can take full advantage of such an opportunity.

There are many business models for an affiliate program that are designed to attract more affiliate marketers. However, companies nowadays have tempered their high demand for affiliate marketers to the quality of the people who would market their products. They do not just want anyone to promote their products in order to protect their brand equity. Firms now want affiliate marketers who are committed to their products and brands. They understand that these marketers add value to their online distribution chain because they are able to reach potential clients that they might not otherwise have a chance to communicate to. An online affiliate program is thus beneficial to all parties. As the company gains more revenues, its online network of sellers earn profits as well by simply enlarging the distributor and consumer base of the company online.

The demand for affiliate marketers however will only be sustainable as long as they are consistently productive. Their cumulative sales should be growing as their network grows. They can only do so if they put in the time and effort needed to build the business. Affiliate marketing online after all does not mean becoming an instant millionaire. It requires marketing savvy and dedication to truly be successful in one’s field. Being successful in one company would then give the affiliate marketer leverage to be in-demand as well with other companies as the choice online marketer for their products or services.

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