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One Really Helpful Book For A Floundering Marketer | David Jackson's Biz One Really Helpful Book For A Floundering Marketer - David Jackson's Biz

Like so many before me, I have tried various ways of earning money off the World Wide Web. For the past 4 years, despite all my efforts, my affiliate marketing scheme earned me very little in four years time. That is not what I (or anyone) would actually consider as big bucks. Fortunately, I came across “Affiliate Cash Secrets” (ACS) program, which is best for floundering marketers like myself, and not only does it help explain the basic principles as to why I am not earning money right now, but it also helps budding entrepreneurs establish a profitable business out of auto-piloting the actual marketing. With that pitch, of course, I bought the ACS program in half a millisecond. It turns out this program is the only one I think I will ever need.

True enough, Derrick Van Dyke’s ACS program is more helpful than I anticipated. First of all, it contains straight-to-the-point information (thru videos from the 1st group of videos – “Getting Started” to “Getting Your First Traffic”)  about why my marketing efforts are failing. But more importantly, ACS gives me corresponding information on how I can turn my failure into success. How? By providing me enough information and software to get me started in the right direction.

Firstly, the enclosed ACS , “The Insiders Club” is already a big help. This is a step-by-step program that has videos showing you,  every single step of the way from setting up and to creating your online business.  Has helped me set up a ClickBank account, find affiliate programs easily, and has a comments system (to get your problems answered and sorted out, very quickly) for all the subsequent marketing actions that I do. This is actually the kind of technical help that is invaluable to floundering marketers like me. The program also affords any subscriber to make more money by becoming an affiliate marketer of the ACS, the two main e-books “Free Traffic Secrets” and “Automatic Money Machine”, which are already bonuses in themself. This means that even if I do subscribe to other affiliate programs, I still retain ACS’s numberous e-books and will still earn money somehow.

The ACS program also teaches how I could maximize my writing efforts by using specific keywords that are geared essentially to the niche that I have chosen. (Yes, the program also teaches how to find content for your own niche you wish to market in.) Such information like how to submit articles to distribution services and articles directories in order to attract quality traffic is also included in the program. Aside from that, the program also includes a step-by-step guide on how to make my WordPress blog account more enticing to potential readers.

Branding is one thing that I have never tried. I am very fortunate indeed that the ACS has information and the software I need to actually brand my free ACS PDF reports (which I have at every liberty of giving away) and still earn money off them.

Costs (US$) for Affiliate Cash Secrets: –

Domain name for one year (approx)                   : – 10.00

Hosting account per month                                 : –    7.95

Affiliate Cash Secret’s Insider Club : –  29.97

Aweber’s autoresponder (<500 subscribers)     : –  19.00

Initial Sign Up Total                                           : –  66.92

And US$ Expenses per Month thereafter           :  $56.92


Updated or Revisioned Costs

Domain name for one year (approx)                   : – 10.00

Hosting and Autoresponder :-        $9.97

Affiliate Cash Secret’s Insider Club : –    $29.97

Initial Sign Up Total                                           : –  $49.94

And US$ Expenses per Month thereafter           :  $39.94


David Jackson has been an affiliate marketer for 4 years. Essential information and powerful tools that will grow your Affiliate Marketing empire can be found at

Copyrights@ David Jackson Biz. This article may be printed in any form , on the guarantee that the article stay the same without any omittances , deletions , alterations or changes throughout this article. This copyright is to stay with this article.

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