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Why Use the Video Sales Letter | David Jackson's Biz Why Use the Video Sales Letter

The video sales letter has a lot of advantages over other forms of sales letters. Let us look into some of these advantages:

1.    A video sales letter engages three senses – hearing, seeing, and reading. No other sales page is able to do this. A traditional sales page only allows you to read it. There are no other senses involved. On the other hand, a video sales page is more interactive. You get to see it, watch it, and listen to it. In short, it is more fun and less boring. Because of its interactive attributes, viewers find it more engaging and convincing. So if you are to present to them a “call to action”, they are more likely to respond. For those who don’t know what a “call to action” is, it’s the “selling” part of a sales pitch wherein you directly tell a consumer to do something like click on a button, subscribe to a newsletter, or buy a product. The “call to action” is the most crucial part of a sales page.

2.    It has a conversion rate of 6.9% compared to a traditional sales page’s rate which is 2%. Doing the math, if you are going to use videos sales pages, you will increase your conversion rate by up to 321%. The higher your conversion rate, the better. A lot of internet marketers often make the mistake of focusing their attention on building traffic instead of improving their conversion rates. A sales page can have thousands of visitors but if the conversion rate is low, there won’t be many sales. On the other hand, even if your traffic level is very low but if your conversion rate is high, you can make more sales than the other site that has thousands of visitors. This stresses the importance of focusing on targeted visitors but that would be another story.

3.    It’s attention-grabbing. As you should probably know by now, the attention span of internet users is limited to just a few seconds. If you are not able to get a person’s attention within these crucial seconds, they will be clicking out of your site. Why would they remain in your boring site when they have countless options out there? A simple video can make a page interesting. Visitors will have a reason to stay and check out what you have to offer. Furthermore, people would rather watch something than read it. For instance, a person would rather watch the movie version of a book than read the book itself. The same concept applies online.

4.    A video decreases your sales page’s bounce rate. The bounce rate refers to the percentage of your page’s visitors who leave your page instead of reading more. The higher the bounce rate, the worse it will be for you. Fortunately, you can significantly reduce your bounce rate just by using videos, sale tactics, and other forms of video marketing. The effect on the bounce rate will of course depend on the quality of your videos, the value of their content, as well as their running times. The longer the video, the longer the visitor will stay on your sales page. Don’t make your videos too long though or people will get bored instead of getting interested.

5.    Videos have SEO benefits. Well-optimized videos can help your sales page rank higher in the search engines. Don’t believe people who are saying that videos have no effect on search rankings. Search engines may not be able to crawl videos but they can still find them if you optimize the videos using keywords and link-building tactics. If you make a search on Google, notice that the results now includes videos. Optimizing your videos will increase their chances of getting featured in the Google results page. When this happens, it would mean more exposure for your sales page, ultimately leading to more customers.

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6.    It’s good for branding. If you are able to consistently put out professionally-made videos, they will consistently build your brand as well. Branding is very important nowadays; especially online because the competition is so tough there that you need to do everything you can to separate yourself from the crowd. Putting your own voice and style in your videos will make it easier for people to recognize you. If you are able to create a good foundation for your brand, attracting followers and loyal customers will be a lot easier and faster. Video sales letters are very effective branding tools.

7.    Videos build credibility. A web page is always deemed more valuable if there is a video included. And if you are deemed more valuable, it follows that you are looked up to as being more credible as well. In this age, where there are too many scammers online, building your credibility is a necessity. You have to do everything you can to prove to people that you are legit, that the product or service you are offering is the real thing. Showing yourself in front of your customers using a video is an effective way to prove to customers your worth. It builds credibility, plain and simple. It’s much harder to fake a video sales page than a textual sales page.

David Jackson has been an affiliate marketer for 7 years. Essential information and powerful tools that will grow your Affiliate Marketing Information can be found at David Jackson Biz   For Further Information on Video Marketing

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