If you want your new posts to get more views, you can help yourself quite a lot by growing the amount of RSS subscribers you have. While it’s just one method of keeping your readers interested in your blog posts it is a pretty powerful method.

If you haven’t ever seen RSS as an important part of your blogging experience, now is the time to change your mind. Most bloggers publishing today and focused mostly on their content and they don’t pay enough attention to their promotions. If you’d like to get some loyal readers and have them want new content from you regularly, you need to get them to subscribe to your feed. In this article we will teach you some of the things that you can do to increase your subscriber numbers by quite a lot.

The days are long gone when you can slap PLR on your blog and make money, and you have to do much more. When your content is that good, then you are poised to make visitors subscribe. If people think your content offers solutions and value, then that is the beginning of it all. So then that is why you should do all your research offline if you want to give a totally unique content experience. So always put your very best effort into producing the best content to be found in your niche. Another strategy here is to promote your RSS feed with blog commenting, and this is something that not everybody does. Some may comment to get traffic which is fine and good, plus as you know this is part of the backlink strategy for others. Your approach here will not be the same as everybody else’s because you want to do this to promote subscriptions to your RSS. The way you do this is very easy, and you use the field for your URL for your RSS feed link. Consider going to Feedburner and getting a URL link from them that is appropriate.

To obtain more subscribers, you have to be getting quite a bit of traffic to your site. Your best bet is to use Article Builder to create your articles and a product like SEO Link Monster to help you do your link building.

People want good content, and that means you do not want to create content that goes all over the place. Rambling doesn’t help in any way as that leads to confusing your readers and nothing more. If your writing skills are a little bit lacking, then you have to address that very soon. You can prevent that from happening by always writing to an outline, and that is what many pros do. Once you have your writing ability down pat, then you simply have to write about good topics and information.

So then you can use this approach with your RSS to turn visitors into something more. But do not overlook this or ignore it because you are leaving something good on the table. Of course this is not some overnight method, and it will take time to see profound results. Imagine one year from now, and you can have something much more powerful in place or not.

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