Internet affiliates can make great use of a url redirection script. So that you can move forward with your affiliate marketing campaign, you must find out more about Easy Redirect Script and all of the handy options that it offers you.

Origins Of The Easy Redirect Script Software

Easy Redirect Script was created by the pair composed of Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos. This product is consequently offered at the Rapid Crush Software Club. If you’re a member of this software club and then you purchase this or any software tool as a member, you will instantly get yourself a discount, among other promotions.

Many more products and solutions offered by the Club include WP Mobile Pro, S3flowshield QR Champ, LinkedNinja, WP Secure Pro, WP Webinar Pro, WP Twin Review, and WP Member Champ.

Handy Features of The Easy Redirect Script Software Program

With Easy Redirect Script, you can get many essential functions with just one product. In addition to the basic objective of creating redirects, this application has a lot more functions because of its advanced mode selection. To get even more details and resources for this write-up, you need to be sure to take a look at Easy Redirect Script.

Easy Redirect Script is a self-hosted redirect tool. It is a safer and much more straightforward method to generating a url redirect that you can even edit, compared to the no-cost link shorteners that are offered on the web.

Consequently, by using Easy Redirect Script, you’ll be able to create a standard cloaking within a couple of seconds. This is easily done by identifying your redirect url link and just copy pasting your url into the Easy Redirect Script tool.

There is also the advanced way to successfully do SEO redirects. SEO or 301 redirects are effective if you want to concentrate on page ranking, as every web marketer understands.

In addition to this, the tool can make stealth pages, and stealth and promo redirection urls also. These are all very worthwhile for affiliate marketers, and incredibly an easy task to do when utilizing Easy Redirect Script.

Surprisingly Convenient Setup Of Easy Redirect Script

It’s quick and simple to set up Easy Redirect Script. It can be set up in just 3 simple steps. Because you are using this kind of software, you shouldn’t have to work with a cPanel and even to muck around with databases, codes, and permissions.

You only need a short time to set up the application. Basically, you just download the zipfile, and then upload this unzipped file into your domains, and input your account information. Right after Easy Redirect Script is set up on your current domain, you’ll be able to make as many url redirects as you want in seconds. If you would really like additional web tips on redirecting in general, check out this internet site.

More Extras From Buying The Software

– Easy Redirect Script works well with mobile phones along with the Mac, the iPad, and the PC.

– Using its Categories & Descriptions function, you can arrange, coordinate, and monitor all these redirect links which you created using the Easy Redirect Script.

– The Tool Tip feature can make it easy to operate. This particular feature provides popup information when needed. It is possible to activate the feature by hovering the mouse cursor over a question-mark icon.

– The plugin likewise lets you monitor and look at the stats. In other words, it is simple to discover how many clicks your redirects generate.

– Because it’s built with an Ajax dependent system, you have a really fast type of software that could deliver instant results.

Specifics When Buying Easy Redirect Script

When you buy Easy Redirect Script for $77.00, you will be entitled to a thirty-day money-back guarantee in case you wish a refund after testing the tool. If you decide tokeep the software, you will get 100 % free upgrades for about 1 year. Moreover, you may use your Easy Redirect Script with an inexhaustible number of domains, and produce as many redirects as you want.

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