When you are posting to a blog you run on WordPress the focus is to write something of quality and to make sure that enough people see it. If you want to make money for your efforts, then you need to get visitors to your website.

Spending a good part of your day developing links for your sites is something you can do to reach your objectives in this respect. If there was a process to do this automatically then it is self evident that you could be far more productive during the day. A new plugin has been released called WP Syndicator which looks to solve this problem for you.

For a blog to perform effectively, you really require any post you write to be indexed quickly and to have the right type of links to start ranking high in the search engines. Instead of generating links to each post, a standard error that is made by people today is to link to the blog’s domain name. The manner in which you want your indexing to perform is for every posting to have links coming in from top notch sites on the internet. WP Syndicator is WordPress a plugin that does that and when it is set up you will find out that it is just the press of a button to automate the system.

WP Syndicator includes full set up procedures after buying it and you will receive these along with the plugin that’s in a zip file. The web properties this plugin posts to can change as it develops and currently there are thirteen in total right now. Internet sites such as Blogger and Twitter will almost unquestionably remain as standard in the accounts to choose from. The plugin can be activated straight from your WordPress dashboard and then it is just a matter of configuring your accounts. Everything will be in place for you to begin using the plugin functions. You are shown detail by detail if any accounts will need extra input to get them working and it is all quite simple to follow.

When you finally have all the web account info configured, as you post articles these could also be posted to all of the various other sites. You will see that you have a bit of control as to how this works based for instance on if you utilize autoblogs or post individually. The amount of words that are actually syndicated to each of the web 2.0 sites can be set by you and the plugin allows you to be quite flexible with this. The use of anchor text and also the various choices you have are distinctly laid out in the procedures that you will have received.

As plugins go, WP Syndicator is very straightforward and seems to function without too many difficulties. For rapid indexing and linking back to each individual post you make, this is a very effective solution.

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