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It is always a good thing to plan your navigation out right from the start so you do not have to backtrack and fix it later on. If you are building an authority site, then you really must pay very special attention to how your navigation is designed. Go through the article below and you’ll find three effective tips to help you work on this important area of your site’s design.

One thing you must do is test your site browser load time, and you can find free applications on the net that will do that for you. In order to achieve this you should focus on the designing part of your website so that the images and other graphics that you’re using on your web pages aren’t too heavy. What this is about is making sure your visitor has a positive experience on your site, and obviously load time will impact that aspect. Merely remember this and be sure your images are properly optimized, and of course this is all best served when making any site.

Always think in terms of your visitor, and that is why you will often see nav links at the bottom of pages either in the footer or just above it. If you place the right links with good anchor text, you will discover that folks will use those links. Anything you do to enhance user experience will be noted by your visitors.

The names that you use in your menu options should be common and easy to understand. There are many people who do not quite get the on-page factors right even though it is very simple to do. When it comes to general names like your Home page, it is probably best to go with that name across the board on your sites. So whether it’s linking to your homepage or your contact page, make the menu options simple so that your visitors don’t have to do too much of thinking or get confused in any way. You can seriously put on site SEO to good use with smart navigation, but that is beyond the scope of any single article. This really has been a cursory introduction and is not meant to be comprehensive, so get busy at Google and find out all that you can do to help your site perform even better.

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