Do you earn your money as an internet marketer? In that case you will be sitting every whole day behind your keyboard of your computer. With your computer and moreover the internet it is so easy to get distracted. In order to obtain ideas you will have to surf to many different forums. While doing that it is so easy to dive into converstations with others and forget about your primairy goals you began with.

To be a successful internet marketer, time management is important. But, many make the mistake to assume that investing in time management is either to difficult or too costly. Well, this might be true, but did you know that there are many easy and really affordable approaches one can use in order to achieve your goals. Here are a few very effective time management solutions that are easy to implement and will get you instant results. For more making money online (in Dutch: geld verdienen op het internet) tips, click the link.

1. Plan your day with a to do list

A to-do list is a cheap time management tool, as all you need is a pen and a piece of paper. If you prefer, your list can be complied in Microsoft Word or a spreadsheet. Each morning or the night before, create a to-do list for yourself. What needs to be done? What are the steps in between in order to achieve that? It is important to write all the different tasks down and start to prioritize them. All these tasks belong/deserve to be in this document.

A powerful to do list consists out of details. For example, step number one could include approach five webmasters for link exchanges. Once the task as been completed, cross it from your list.

Now you not only have a list to do that will keep you on track, you actually have a list that will motivate you as well.

2. How much time per task

This to do list will guard you from being distracted; you know what to accomplish during the day. Crossing away tasks from your list should give you a boost. If not, it’s time to set up a schedule. Each task is awarded a time frime.

Do you want to submit articles to directories you paid an outsourced writer to write? If so, set aside a specific block of time to doing so. Now block a time frame. For example, 15 – 16 pm By keeping an eye on the clock, you know when you are starting to fall behind, allowing you to pickup the pace.

3 – Use a Desktop Calendar

Every IM person needs to be on top of his time management problems. At the same time, if you see that you are doing fine, time management wise, relax a bit. For these purposes a desktop calendar is useful.

Here you note down all the tasks for the day and you can also attach different time frames to each task. You only need to concern yourself with the fact, that you need to do it. The moment you finish one of the tasks, you cross it away from the calendar.

If you want a desktop calendar you can buy them online, at department stores and office supply stores. Well, these prices are not too steep. Normally around $5.

4. Let the bells ring

This alarm clock will keep track of your time. If you want to be successful you need to use this in conjunction with your scheduled to do list.

You reserved one hour for submitting the articles, right? It is time to race against the clock. Get ready to start, set the alarm and off you go. The alarm will give you the signal when you should be ready finishing your task.

5 – Think of the Money

As an internet marketer your job is to get results for your own blogs and websites or for the websites for your clients. Never ever forget that this all has to do with money making. You need to keep the motivation up and this mindset can serve you for that purpose.

When you stay focused and on task, you do your job. That job is to drive traffic to a website, blog, product or service. If you do this, you will make loads of money. One big mistake many entrepreneurs make; focus on quality time in stead of quantity time.
For more making money online (in Dutch: geld verdienen op internet) tips, click the link.

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