I’ve gotten a great deal of questions about write-up advertising and marketing within the last couple of months. I definitely appreciate all the questions and ensure to answer each and every single 1 which I receive, so maintain them coming. I’ve gotten numerous about this subject in particular that I decided to just up and write an write-up about it simply because it’s something which I didn’t realize and consequently wasted a great deal of time on mistakes when I very first began out.

The question is really should you submit an write-up to your internet site or an write-up directory?

The answer is that it is best to be submitting your content material to your internet site very first and foremost, building your websites with time. I created a mistake with this myself for the first year or so in which I was affiliate advertising and marketing. In other words I created mini websites and exclusively submitted each and every write-up which I would write with links pointing towards those websites only to write-up directories.

My thought process and rationale for doing this was that articles on write-up directories would rank higher and a lot more easily within the search engines than on my websites. So as opposed to developing content material websites (see what’s a content material internet site) of my own which would grow with time into effective authority websites, I was instead contributing towards the write-up directories I would submit to and giving them entirely unique content material of mine. More: Magic Submitter discount

This really is backwards thinking and when I was creating capital from those articles from the visitors which came out of them, I successfully wasted a great deal of time contributing to a person else’s small business as opposed to my own. Because of the Farmer/Panda update, write-up directories no longer rank nicely as well as the link juice which they pass on has diminished, as well, so when it was in no way a very good idea to complete this, it’s an especially negative idea to complete it within the wake of that update.

Keep in mind that Google likes content material websites above all else and is wary of mini websites with really little content material. They’re continuously operating to deliver the absolute finest web-sites and web pages to their users, so they would much rather place a site which has hundreds and thousands of pages of content material higher up within the SERPs for a person searching to locate more than a page which consists of only a handful of pages. From: Magic Submitter review

That’s not to say that mini websites are not without having their purpose. Mini websites still convert nicely as a result of their emphasis on direct response advertising and marketing. The issue is that they don’t generally rank nicely organically. So if you’re not relying on organic search engine referrals to your mini internet site and have other visitors sources like e-mail advertising and marketing or PPC then this is often an excellent strategy to create speedy conversions.

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