There are many CPA blogs already out there, which makes the chore of starting yours feel scary. Just follow these simple blogging methods and you’ll be surprised at the results.

There is a serious demand for Certified Public Accountants.  There are two basic reasons for this. First, businesses must be audited on occasion to guarantee conformity with accounting laws.  This is particularly the case for public organizations who are held accountable to the PCAOB by law. Second, they are critical during tax time, as they help individuals file their tax papers on time, finding every single credit they’re entitled to so that they bring in the maximum possible return (or pay the smallest possible payment). A blog is an excellent way of advertising your expertise as a CPA and to attract more people to accountant websites intended to keep the brand in front of them until you can lure them in as clients.

The most successful blogs are planned strategically.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

Make it Worthwhile

A blog needs to have material that is to-the-point and valuable.  Make sure your CPA blog posts pertain to accounting firms. It should present clearly how your firm can help individuals by filing tax returns and provide mediation services with the IRS. Additionally you can list your business accounting services.  Your services are important for both public and private companies. Use the blog to demonstrate how you have made your clients successful.  This is a wonderful opportunity for client testimonials. Many people think that accounting work is bland and dreary.  A blog is a splendid opportunity to use humor to present accountant websites in a colorful manner.

Blogs should be fun and easy to read. Your blog must also be correctly formatted with good grammar.  Poorly written blogs do not encourage readers. A blog written in the format of an article can be uninteresting to readers, so it is a good idea to number your points so that people can skim to see your blog post length.

Your post should be short and on-topic.  It should also make your point clearly. 450 to 500 words is a good length. Your readers will lose interest if your posts are longer. You should break your text into paragraphs.  This makes it easier to read.

Using pictures to illustrate your point is a good idea.  However, too many graphics can make your pages take longer to load. Videos are also an excellent way to add visual appeal to your blog posts.

Engage Your Audience

Your blog is an excellent way to create interactive discussions.  Use it as a platform so that your readers can make inquiries and comment on your posts. It is a great feeling to receive blog comment notifications in your email.  Each comment is an opportunity to create interaction. It could be a client complaint that needs to be addressed or a compliment that you can use as a client testimonial. Regardless of the comment, you need to respond to each one.  It is important that you acknowledge your readers to build community.

In order to be viewed as a subject matter expert as a CPA, it is a good idea for you to provide external links to authoritative resources that are similar to your blog content. It is also a great opportunity for you, as an Accountant, to showcase other blogs that belong to you.

Starting your first blog can feel overwhelming.  Frustrating. Intimidating. It is helpful to focus on keeping your posts brief, making them interesting, and ensuring they are free of typos and grammar errors. Make your point and address your readers in a relaxed manner. It will take some time to begin a steady audience, so be patient, relax, and enjoy the process.

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